Gemina -Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Another book one month anniversary!! Yay! So here’s my review. I got it early, but figured I’d post my review a little later.


Gemina‘ by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff was published in October 2016. It’s the second book in the ‘Illuminae Files‘ sci-fi series. [you can buy a copy here!]


Wow, oh wow, oh wow. I can’t believe this book is finally out and actually got to read it. I’ve been waiting impatiently, and boy was I not disappointed.

The story is told as a collection of files, just like the first novel, ‘Illuminae‘. There are emails, IM chats, transcripts of video and audio files, and something brand new, pages from an artistic journal (all of which were drawn by author Marie Lu). What I like about this format is that it doesn’t feel like it’s getting old or tired. The formats have changed a bit from the first book, and the ones that we’re seeing again feel more established, as though the people compiling the files have become more experienced at their job.

The person transcribing the video and audio files feels more comfortable in their job, and less formal/professional. All the formats together really work to weave together an incredible story. I’m still so amazed that I got so drawn into the story and the characters with this format of storytelling; but I did, and it’s just so effective.

The new characters are amazing. Hanna is a kickass female character, who doesn’t compromise on her femininity. She’s girly and she’s strong emotionally and physically. A great character, and a great role model. Then there’s Nik; a gang member, drug dealer, with a serious soft spot for Hanna, and a sharp wit. He’s hilarious, and sweet, and his interactions with his cousin, Ella, are lovely. I love that Kaufman and Kristoff have created two characters who look like they’re walking stereotypes, but who both tear up those stereotypes with zeal.

The setting of the Jump Station Heimdall is really interesting, and we learn a lot about the station and how it works. All the detail, from descriptions, conversations, and even diagrams, really helps to make the story feel real; and I think that’s quite difficult when it comes to sci-fi space stories. The Jump Station actually feels like a character itself.

Oh and the appearance of Kady and Ezra, while fleeting, was soooo sweet. Ugh, I just love them so much. We better see them again in the third book. I’m already waiting impatiently for the third book, because so many little pieces of the puzzle were added in ‘Gemina’, and I really want to know how everything comes together.


Favourite Character:

Hanna; for aforementioned reasons.

Favourite Moment:

When Nik proclaims he needs to stop smoking, and liberates his Tarannosaurus RexTM cigarettes by throwing them down a stairwell. It was very funny. Just read it.

Favourite Quote:

I chose two of Nik’s shining moments.

NikM (to his cousin Ella): u know ur dad. “the family that eats together maintains a successful interstellar criminal organisation together”


Nik M: babushka nika used to say

Nik M: “Patience and Silence had one beautiful daughter. And her name was Vengeance.”




I have another review I need to post! I’m on a bit of a roll.

Let me know what you thought of my review of “Gemina”, and if you’ve read it, your own thoughts on the book.

– Gabi


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