June Book Roundup.

June has been a very strange month. It went so quickly, and I feel like I didn’t get much done. I barely managed to get three books read, but I’ve been sick for most of it and just couldn’t get into anything.



The Way to Game the Walk of Shame – Jenn P. Nguyen. Easy. ★★★☆☆


This YA book came out in June, and I read it almost as soon as I got my hands on it. I really enjoyed it while I read it, but there were a number of themes and little parts which just diminished my joy upon reflection. The main character, Taylor, was alright, but she got on my nerves from time to time. This book felt like it was trying to break stereotypes, but I think it seriously struggled with that. It was alright, but I’m not sure I’ll read it again.

“I’d read about kisses like this in novels, but I never thought that it was possible. Nothing can make the world melt away and make you forget about everything and everyone except the person in front of you.”


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – J.K. Rowling. Easy. ★★★★★


YAS! I finally got around to finishing my reread of GOF! I loved it so much (not that I thought I wouldn’t), and I noticed, or maybe even re-noticed, so many little details. It’s just such a great book, and I love all the character development. And there are so many things which are hinting at the next books which you just don’t notice the first time around; particularly if you’re like me and grew up reading the books as they came out. I am of the Harry Potter generation.

“Just then Neville caused a slight diversion by turning into a large canary.”


The Tournament – Matthew Reilly. Medium. ★★★★★


June’s book for “The Book Corner” is by one of my favourite authors. He’s an Aussie too! I really loved this. It’s basically a historical fiction murder mystery novel, which relates a lost adventure the young Princess Elizabeth and her teacher took to Constantinople, where they attended a chess tournament hosted by the Sultan.

I’ll link our review in when it’s posted! I’ll be fangirling a lot, trust me!

“However lamentable his English may be, he still speaks your language while you cannot speak his. To me, this gives him a considerable advantage over you.”


Currently reading:

Rainbow Six – Tom Clancy.

I meant to get around to this, but like I said, I couldn’t really get the effort up. It’s enormous, and it’s just sitting there intimidating me.

Joss Whedon: The Biography – Amy Pascale.

I’m a little ways into this, and I’m super interested in Whedon’s life. I’m not far enough in to really mention anything about Pascale’s style of writing, but it’s fine so far.


I’m off work for the school holidays so I’m hoping to get a bunch of TAFE work done, and get a bunch of books read that I’ve been meaning to read for ages. Wish me luck!

– Gabi


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