May Book Roundup.

How is the June already?? Where is the year going? Thankfully I managed to finish reading quite a few books during May (although not my April ‘currently reading’ because I’m terrible).



Taronga – Victor Kelleher. Easy. ★★★★☆


Way back when I was in Year 8 (or was is Year 7, I can’t remember), I read this Australian classic in English. Parts of it stayed with me, but I couldn’t really remember it that well. So I thought I’d give it another try, and I’m really quite glad that I did. While the premise is quite simple, the way that it is portrayed and in turn portrays Australia is simultaneously creepy and beautiful. I don’t think that twelve and thirteen year old kids really get those subtleties.

I was able to appreciate this book for its literary nature a lot more this time around, and I can now understand why it is regarded as an Australian classic. I also really love reading about places near where I live, and places that I’ve been to. It’s not something that happens all that often, so I like to appreciate it when it happens. It also really made me want to go to Taronga Zoo again.

“The great dome of the sky, black, star-sprinkled, arched above hum, appearing at that moment so limitless, so vast and free, that the fences and cages of Targona were dwarfed, reduced to the point where they barely seemed to exist.”


The Throne of Fire – Rick Riordan. Easy. ★★★★★


I finally got around to reading this book. It’s the second book in the ‘Kane Chronicles‘, and I enjoyed it just as much as the first book. Carter and Sadie are now rather well developed characters, and are still extremely likeable (both for different reasons). I don’t really know what to say about it other than it has all of Rick Riordan’s characteristic charm and wit, with a twisting and unpredictable plot, which masterfully wove Egyptian mythology and history into every nook and cranny.

This was the beginning of May’s “Rick Riordan binge”, which, as you’ll soon notice, involved me catching up on my Rick Riordan books.

“That sounded about as likely as Apophis and Ra becoming Facebook buddies, but I decided not to say anything.”


The Serpent’s Shadow – Rick Riordan. Easy. ★★★★★


I wasted no time in picking this up after reading “The Throne of Fire”. It’s the third and final book in the ‘Kane Chronicles‘. It actually managed to seriously up the ante on the previous two, and sort of left me breathless due to the intense nature and speed of the plot. 10/10 Riordan, you’ve done it again. The trilogy was capped off superbly, and I’m actually a little sad to say goodbye to Carter and Sadie Kane.

“A person’s shadow stood for his legacy, his impact on the world. Some people cast hardly any shadow at all. Some cast long, deep shadows that endured for centuries.”


Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer – Rick Riordan. Easy. ★★★★★


I was so excited about finally starting this book. It’s been sitting on my shelf staring at me since it came out. It’s the first book in the ‘Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard‘ series. And boy, was I not disappointed. While it did take a little longer to really pick up speed, the story still ran rampant through quests and crammed in as much Norse mythology as possible. It was mythology-nerd bliss (at least it was for me). I’m really looking forward to Magnus coming back in the second book. It can’t come soon enough!

“My name is Magnus Chase. I’m sixteen years old. This is the story of how my life went downhill after I got myself killed.”


The Demigod Diaries – Rick Riordan. Easy. ★★★★★


This book is an extra compilation book that goes with the ‘Heroes of Olympus‘ series. It’s got a bunch little stories which fill in character background and such. It’s good stuff, and I love seeing the characters again, and being introduced to new ones. Basically, if I like a story there isn’t such as thing as too much.

“I’d had years of practise looking dumb when people threw out Greek names I didn’t know. It’s a skill of mine. Annabeth keeps telling me to read a book of Greek myths, but I don’t see the need. It’s easier just to have folks explain stuff.”


Demigods and Magicians – Rick Riordan. Easy. ★★★★★


Similarly to “The Demigod Diaries”, this one is a compilation which looks at more stories to do with our favourite characters. It’s a series of short cross over stories where Percy and Annabeth from the ‘Percy Jackson‘ and ‘Heroes of Olympus‘ series meet Carter and Sadie Kane from the ‘Kane Chronicles‘. Basically, it was amazing. And honestly I think it was made even better  by the fact that I had just finished the ‘Kane Chronicles’, and I really wanted the two worlds to meet.

As a story I really liked it. It was well done, and easily mixed the two worlds and characters. The characters meeting and dealing with shit together was brilliant. Even though it was short and sweet, it easily showed Riordan’s characteristic wit and humour, and the world really just felt right, when it easily could’ve felt forced. I want more of Annabeth and Sadie. More I say!

“Getting eaten by a giant crocodile was bad enough. The kid with the glowing sword only made my day worse.”


The Unexpected Everything  – Morgan Matson. Easy. ★★★☆☆.5


Over the past few months I’ve seen this book everywhere on Instagram while people have been waiting for its release. So when I saw it at Target for cheap I thought, “Why not?” I got to straight away, which is a bit weird for me. It took me a bit to really get into. I think the main character annoyed me a bit. She wasn’t that relatable for me, and I think that brought the story down quite a bit. Not that I didn’t like it, I did. I just don’t think that I’ll ever read it again. One hit wonder perhaps.

“Theoretical crushes could remain perfect and flawless, because you never actually had to find out what that person was really like or deal with the weird way they chewed or anything.”


The War of the Worlds – H.G.Wells. Hard. ★★★★☆


This was our May read for our book club, “The Book Corner“. I’ll link our video review when it is posted. I struggled to read it; only finishing it at 11:00 PM on the 31st of May. That was mostly due to the style of writing and the language. It’s the sort of book that you have to dedicate time to just sit down and read. Once I got into it though I really enjoyed it. It was quite different to what I was expecting, and that was nice. It was a great sci-fi book, and considering it was written in the late 1890s, I think that really speaks volumes.

“It never was a war, any more than there’s war between man and ants.”


Currently Reading:

Rainbow Six – Tom Clancy.

I know, I know. It’s been sitting there barely read for months. I’m getting to it!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – J. K. Rowling.

How did I not get back to this again?!


It’s a week into June and I haven’t read a thing! Hopefully I’ll get to it. I want to read my two currently readings, my Book Corner book, and at least one other book. We’ll see how I go!

– Gabi


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