February Book Round Up.

Say goodbye to February, where the books are long and the ratings don’t matter (or something like that).



Nameless – Lili St. Crow. Easy. ★★★★☆


This book is a retelling of the Brothers Grimm fairytale Snow White. It is the first in the ‘Tales of Beauty and Madness‘ series, which retells classic fairytales in a modern day setting but with supernatural twists.

This was a dark and creepy retelling and I really liked how the concept was approached. It was executed well and not at all predictable. Cami was a well rounded main character, quite likeable, but also deeply flawed in many ways. I wrote a more in depth review of this, and you can find it here.

“Sometimes (Cami) wished she’d met Ellie before Ruby. When Ruby arrived in third grade at the Hallows School, one of her first acts at recess was decking one of the girls teasing Cami about her stutter. Cami had simply put her head down and shrank into herself, but Ruby, afire with indignation, took on all comers.”


The Rest of Us Just Live Here – Patrick Ness. Easy. ★★★★★


This book was incredible! It looks at such a simple idea, but it does it so well. The writing was beautiful, yet simple. As my first Patrick Ness novel, I was deeply impressed.

The story looks at the ‘chosen one’ trope, which is so often used in teen/young adult novels. It subverts the trope by looking at the people who aren’t the ‘chosen one’ and how they deal with everything that’s going on. Or as Ness says, this week’s end of the world. I wrote a more in depth review of this, and you can find it here.

“Not everyone has to be the Chosen One. Not everyone has to be the guy who saves the world. Most people just have to live their lives the best they can, doing the things that are great for them, having great friends, trying to make their lives better, loving people properly. All the while knowing that the world makes no sense but trying to find a way to be happy anyway.”


The Fault In Our Stars – John Green. Easy. ★★★☆☆


Anthony and I read this for The Book Corner this month, and our full review can be found here. Unfortunately, I didn’t really connect with the characters, and so didn’t get emotional. I really liked the writing and the plot, but the characters were a bit flat at times.

“Depression is not a side effect of cancer. Depression is a side effect of dying. (Cancer is also a side effect of dying. Almost everything is, really.)”


I’ll Meet You There – Heather Demetrios. Easy. ★★★★☆


A stark and realistic look at life in a backwater town in middle-of-nowhere America, where Skylar Evans is looking forward to college at the end of the Summer. She starts falling in love with Marine, Josh Mitchell, who has returned home from Afghanistan after having his leg blown off.

It took me a little while to get into this book, but once I did I loved it. The characters suddenly became real, and looking into their lives was truly interesting. I really liked Josh’s character, and the look into his new life and how he is dealing. I wrote a more in depth review of this, and you can find it here.

“Hanging out with Josh was like learning how to drive stick. It was hard enough just to start and then it was one stall after another. But somehow I always managed to crawl forward, just a little bit.”


Catching Jordan – Miranda Kenneally. Easy. ★★★★★


I have read this Young Adult novel a number of times, but this was my first time listening to the audiobook. The narrator annoyed me a bit. Her voice was grating, and her voices for the background characters, particularly the girls, were horrible. But I ignored that for the most part. Thankfully the story more than makes up for it!

A cute, realistic high school romance story, with a bit of sport thrown in. I love Jordan as a protagonist, and Sam Henry is such a cutie.

“Love hurts worse than getting slammed by a 250-pound linebacker.”


The Yearbook Committee – Sarah Ayoub. Easy. ★★★★☆


I picked this up at Target, then read it that night. I couldn’t put it down. It hooked me straight away, with the great, fleshed out characters, and the simple but intriguing plot. Everything was so realistic, and made me think back to my last year of school, and all the weird politics that come with being a teenager. I also just love that it’s based in Australia. I understood the references to places and things, and related to the struggles of doing the HSC. For me it just made me love it so much more!

I work a more in depth review of this, and you can find it here.

“Ryan waved his hand dismissively and said that Haigh’s Milk Honeycomb chocolate was better than sex, and Charlie said he’s probably having sex with the wrong girls. It was the first time any of us heard Matty laugh. It made him look kind of cute.”


Currently Reading:

Peace On Earth – Gordon Stevens.

This is a family friend’s favourite book, he got it for me for my 21st, and keeps asking me if I’ve read it yet (nearly a year later). So I’ve finally started it, and am intrigued to see how it goes!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – J.K. Rowling.

My favourite HP book, I am continuing my reread, but I didn’t get much done in Feburary.

Rainbow Six – Tom Clancy.

This is my Dad’s favourite book, and he gave it to me for my 21st birthday last year. I’ve finally started reading it, but I think it will take me a while because it’s enormous.


Next month it’s my 22nd birthday! And I’m getting a tad bit excited, even though I know I’m not getting any books haha!

– Gabi


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