January Book Round Up.

And just like that I’m back!

I have welcomed in 2016 with a lot of Bookstagraming, some binge watching of Stargate, and the reading of seven books.

It’s been a rollicking ride!



The Red Pyramid – Rick Riordan. Easy. ★★★★★


This is the first story in Riordan’s ‘Kane Chronicles‘. It follows Carter and Sadie Kane as they discover that the mythological Egyptian gods and goddesses actually do exist.

The style of writing is really quite different to that of the Percy Jackson series, and I loved it. It’s written as if from a recording made by the siblings, as they bicker and tell their story. This change in style, the story, and the characters were all great. It was so different from Riordan’s other series, and so uniquely its own. I loved that the Kane’s got their own story which didn’t at all feel like a rip off of the Percy Jackson stories.

I can’t wait to read the next two books!

“Carter Kane, 14, died tragically in Paris when he was eaten by his sister’s cat Muffin.”


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – J. K. Rowling. Easy. ★★★★★


I feel like I shouldn’t have to say much about this one. It is the first book in the famous Harry Potter series, and one of my favourite books of all time. It started my reread of the entire series, which I haven’t laid eyes on in a number of years; mostly because if I read one I know I will want to read them all.


I enjoyed it immensely, and appreciated all the little hints and nuances that I don’t think I noticed the first few times reading it. The first time my mum read it to me and I about six. Anyways, it’s great reading back through a story that I know so well after a break of about five or so years (five or so years where I learnt a lot and grew immensely as a person).

“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.”


Green Valentine – Lili Wilkinson. Easy. ★★★☆☆


I suddenly just picked this up one evening and read it. It was short and sweet and absolutely not what I expected when I read the blurb. It’s a YA Romance about gardening. Guerrilla gardening at that.

While the concept was quite original and I did like the characters, there was just something about the book that held me back from really loving it. I liked it, but that was all. I probably won’t bother reading it again. On the plus side it did make me feel like gardening.

“You want to save the world? Here’s a piece of advice for you. Don’t try to do it dressed as a giant lobster.”


Nowhere But Here – Katie McGarry. Easy. ★★★★★


This book, the first in McGarry’s ‘Thunder Road‘ series, had been sitting on my shelf for ages, and I’m so glad that I finally got around to reading it. I’ve loved every single one of her YA Romance’s that I’ve read, so it’s not a surprise.

We follow Emily and Oz in a twisting and twirling story full of mystery and intrigue, and love and uncertainty. It was really captivating, and I loved how obvious McGarry’s research into Motorcycle clubs was. She put a lot of effort into making sure the portrayal was accurate and that the environment felt real.

I originally pre-ordered the book on Book Depository (on the left), and then found the cover I had actually wanted for cheap in my local Target (right). That’s why I have two. Also, I really can’t wait for the next book, ‘Walk the Edge‘, which comes out in March!

“I will her to look away, but she doesn’t and I’m secretly proud the girl won’t back down. I hate this connection. I crave this connection. She’s continually messing with my head.”


Treat With Caution – Serenity Woods. Easy. ★★★☆☆


I’ve had this ebook for a while and suddenly just felt like reading a romance. This one is the first in the ‘Treats to Tempt You‘ series, which is set in New Zealand; something I loved.

This wasn’t an overly complicated or intense story, which was a little bit of disappointment, but it was pleasant enough. Honestly, the story felt more like a well written fanfic by someone obsessed with making two characters who want nothing to do with each other get together. Basically just soft porn in novelised form. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

“She had to keep the upper hand in this relationship, especially this early on. She couldn’t let him think for a moment he stood a chance with the bet. Because he didn’t. This wasn’t anything to do with emotions. This was all physical, and there was nothing wrong with being turned on by a hot guy kissing you in a very sexy way. Even if he was supposed to be your best mate.”


Ready Player One – Ernest Cline. Medium. ★★★★☆


The first book for The Book Corner 2016, both Anthony and I have been wanting to read ‘Ready Player One’ for some time. Our full review will be posted soon, and will be found here!

There has been quite a lot of hype around the book, which was a bit off putting. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get past those preconceived ideas. Thankfully, I did and I quite enjoyed the story. I am also very interested in the movie which is in the works.

“I burned through all of my extra lives in a matter of minutes, and my two least-favourite words appeared on the screen: GAME OVER.”


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – J. K. Rowling. Easy. ★★★★★


The second book in the HP series is in fact my least favourite. As with the rereading the first book, I instagrammed quite a bit, and also had a number of moments where I actually said ‘aha’ or ‘oh my god’ out loud, because I joined a few more dots.


For example, the numerous times where Ron basically predicted what would happen, and was totally right in his flippancy. At one point he makes a point of stating that Professor Lockhart has only said he did all those amazing things, rather than proved it (right you are, Mr Weasley).

Two down, five to go!

‘“What does she understand?” said Harry distractedly, still looking around, trying to tell where the voice had come from.
“Loads more than I do,” said Ron, shaking his head.
“But why’s she got to go to the library?”
“Because that’s what Hermione does,” said Ron, shrugging. “When in doubt, go to the library.’


Currently Reading:

The Rest of Us Just Live Here – Patrick Ness.

I’ve seen this book on Instagram and in bookshops a lot lately, and the concept really intrigued me. I haven’t read much of it, because I keep getting distracted by other books. But I am really interested in seeing where it goes!


It’s been an interesting start to 2016, that’s for sure! I already have a few books lined up that I have to read in February, so let’s hope I can keep this pace of reading up!
How many books have you read so far this year? Any recommendations?

– Gabi


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