March Book Roundup.


I had a pretty productive month this month. I had a reading streak, and it was glorious! It also involved being introduced to audio books (which I loved), and organising a little book club with one of my best friends (which you can read about here).

Let’s get to it!




Adorkable – Sarra Manning. Medium. ★★★☆☆

A book by a female author.


I actually found this one a bit hard to get through. Now don’t get me wrong, I did like the story, there were just certain things which seemed to impede my reading. The main character, Jeane Smith, could be incredibly annoying at times, and then really redeeming, and then really annoying again. It was confusing.

There were also things, such as Jeane’s success as a blogger and teen enterpreneaur, which I found to be slightly unrealistic. But to be honest, there are so many possibilities in this world, maybe it’s not too unrealistic. Anyway, I liked the book, but I didn’t love it. Not sure what else to say…

“Dorkdom isn’t something you can choose. It’s something you are. But instead of dividing the world up into dorkside and darkside, I’ve realised that we all have a little bit of dork inside us.”


The Little White Horse – Elizabeth Goudge. Easy. ★★★★☆

A book with a colour in the title.


I bought this one because of the movie which is based on it, ‘The Secret of Moonacre‘. While the two ended up being drastically different, I still like them both (just as separate entities). The book was written in 1946, so it makes sense the story was changed a bit as to best appeal to modern audiences.

Regardless of this, Goudge spins a beautiful tale about Moonacre and its inhabitants. It’s full of rich descriptions of a world I would very much like to visit, and interesting and well fleshed out characters. There are times when I wished it would proceed at a slightly faster pace, but, in my experience, that’s quite characteristic of books written more than fifty years ago. We’ve grown a lot more impatient, I suppose.

“Nothing is ever finished and done with in this world. You may think a seed was finished and done with when it falls like a dead thing into the earth; but when it puts forth leaves and flowers next spring you see your mistake.”


Hidden Enemy – Pittacus Lore. Easy. ★★★★☆

A book from an author that I love but hadn’t read yet.



If you’ve been following my progress in this reading challenge, then you might know that I’ve been reading this one for the last three months. Considering it’s a pretty easy book to read and a really good one at that, I’m a little ashamed it took me so long.

I really enjoyed learning more about Five and how he came to be the way he is. It was an enlightening story, particularly due to the insight we get into the inner workings of the Mogadorian world. Mark’s story was interesting, but I thought it felt like it was just thrown in there. It felt a tiny bit forced, filling in the gaps which we could easily just fill in with a bit of imagination.

“Now the future is this stupid, dark thing I can’t predict, and I feel like my whole life has been heading towards something that doesn’t even matter. Might not even exist if we end up conquered by a bunch of superpowered aliens. I mean my all-conference trophy was used to murder an alien.  Mark James”


The Ruins of Gorlan – John Flanagan. Easy. ★★★★★

An audio book.


This one has caused me to add ‘audio book’ to my reading challenge list, just so I can cross it off! I’ve read the actual book a number of times, and it’s definitely amongst my favourites. I’d been wanting to re-read it for a while, so when I started my 30 day free trial of Audible (Amazon’s audio book company) I thought it was a great opportunity to do so. (Image links to audio book, but you can get a paperback copy here).

I really enjoyed listening to William Zappa read the story, and managed to get quite a bit of knitting done as the story progressed. Zappa really added to the moods of the writing; particularly the manner of Halt.

“’Take one more step and I’ll put an arrow through you.’ Will tried to model his voice on the quiet, threatening tone Halt had used. He had retrieved several of his arrows from the nearest target and now he had one of them ready, laid on the bowstring. Halt glanced around approvingly. ‘Good idea,’ he said. ‘Aim for the left calf. It’s a very painful wound.’”


Geek Charming – Robin Palmer. Easy. ★★★☆☆

A book that was made into a movie.


I love a good fairytale re-imagining, and I saw the (Disney channel) movie that is based on it ages ago. So when I saw the book I wanted to read it and see how similar the two were. In the end they were completely different: it was only the character names and the general idea that stayed. I enjoyed the book a lot more than the movie, as it was a more original than the rather stereotypical and predictable movie.

I loved how it swapped between Dylan and Josh’s points of view, and how we got to see the gradual change in their behaviours and beliefs as their friendship grew. I also loved how they didn’t end up together (like in the movie), rather they became best friends who help each other find love.

“If I’ve learned anything in my seventeen years, it’s that life isn’t easy all the time. Parents get divorced, guinea pigs explode under your watch, and you can’t get up the guts to talk to a girl you have a crush on.”


Currently Reading:

NOTHING! I finished ‘Geek Charming’ on the cusp of the two months, and it was the last in my ‘currently reading’ pile on my desk. I’m starting next month with a fresh slate, and (strangely) it feels liberating.


So next month I’ll have read the first book for my book club, and hopefully finished another audio book. I’ve actually got quite a sizeable stack of books I want to read by the end of the month; figures. I’m also going to try an April book instagram challenge, so I’ll let you know how that goes!

– Gabi


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