Birthday Book Haul – Children’s Literature.

Children (n.): [plural of child] a person between birth and full growth.

Welcome to the fantastical world that is Part 2 of my Birthday Book Haul, children’s books. I got more of them than you might think.

I suppose this post won’t really be much like last week, as most of the books are picture books. I’ve read most of them, seeing as they are short and easy to flick through.


The Little Yellow Digger – Betty and Alan Gilderdale.

My older brother bought me this book, and, once I thought about it, it wasn’t too surprising. He was really into trucks and diggers when he was a kid. The story is a nice one, which basically teaches the lesson that bigger and more complex isn’t always better. It’s a nice lesson to teach kids.



Diary of a Wombat – Jackie French and Bruce Whatley.

This follows the adventures of the wombat Mothball, as she searches for food (carrots and rolled oates) and trains the humans to be better pets. It’s so sweet and Mothball is completely adorable. I also love the simplicity of the writing style.



Where’s Wally? The Great Picture Hunt! – Martin Handford.

It’s not really a book you read, but it’s still a good journey. I’m pretty sure I haven’t looked at this one before, so it’s fresh and still provides entertainment. I’ve always loved the ‘Where’s Wally?’ books.



The Fight on the Hill – Margaret Mahy – Move Over, Grover! – Jim McPherson.

These two books are short and simple with some really good lessons. The first one is about a group of pigs and a group of goats who get into a fight when they try to picnic on the same hill. They become friends naturally, learning their lesson. The second is about a family who is constantly telling their dog to get out of the way, they soon learn to just accept the dog.



Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants – Dav Pilkey.

A family friend gave me this and I have this funny feeling that I won’t be reading it. It’s never been the sort of thing I like to read, though I’m sure it’s a funny book. Perhaps better suited to a younger audience.



Oh, The Places You’ll Go! – Dr Seuss.

One of my friends gave me this book because she said she reads it whenever she’s feeling down. I gave it a quick read, because I was never much into Dr Seuss books, and I loved it. It’s short and sweet, and really did make me feel nice inside. It’s got great illustrations, and is completely original.




Next Sunday I’ll be cataloguing the bunch of ‘classic’ novels I was given for my 21st birthday.

– Gabi


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