Clueless (1995).

Tonight’s ‘Film Friday’ post is a classic adaptation movie, which is twenty years old! I honestly can’t believe it’s that old.

And, even though this is an adaptation of a two hundred year old novel, there be spoilers ahead.

imagesClueless (1995). This film is a modern adaptation of Jane Austen‘s romance novel ‘Emma‘. It’s set in Beverley Hills, California, around a group of high school students. It stars Alicia Silverstone as Cher, Stacey Dash as Dionne, Brittany Murphy as Tai, Paul Rudd as Josh, and Donald Faison as Murray.

The story follows Cher Horowitz, who befriends new girl, Tai, and attempts to make her popular. Included in this process is finding Tai a suitable (read: popular) boyfriend, however, this goes horribly wrong as Elton (Jeremy Sisto) actually likes Cher, not Tai. Cher’s good intentions are outweighed by her naivety and belief that she understands everyone. It leads to her understanding her friends and herself a lot better, and finding genuine love.

I love this adaptation, and it was only in more recent years that I realised just how accurate of an adaptation it is. It’s a classic romance story which has been easily brought into the modern day, and I think that says a lot about the endurance and relatability of the story.


The most important thing to be portrayed is the character development of Cher (or Emma in the novel). It’s the whole point of the story. She starts out quite selfish in all the things she does, such as getting two teachers together to improve their marking, but evolves into someone who doesn’t just jump in blindly. She learns to think about a situation more before acting, which is an incredibly important factor. She’s a smart and loving character; two characteristics which are hampered and hidden by her superficial exterior.


Josh is probably my favourite character, though I do love Cher. Josh is so cynical and sarcastic. I relate to that on a spiritual level. He’s got some seriously great lines too. Though the film is full to the brim with quotable lines, and rib splitting humour.

tumblr_nkvmef4uvl1qg1zuyo4_250 tumblr_nkvmef4uvl1qg1zuyo3_250 tumblr_nkvmef4uvl1qg1zuyo2_250 tumblr_nkvmef4uvl1qg1zuyo1_250


Amber: Ms. Stoeger, my plastic surgeon doesn’t want me doing any activity where balls fly at my nose.

Dionne: Well, there goes your social life.

giphy (29) giphy (28)

Cher: Do you prefer “fashion victim” or “ensembly challenged”?


Mel: What the hell is that?

Cher: A dress.

Mel: Says who?

Cher: Calvin Klein.


Mel: Anything happens to my daughter, I got a .45 and a shovel, I doubt anybody would miss you.

giphy (7)

Mel: I’d like to see you have a little direction.

Cher: I have direction!

Josh: Yeah, towards the mall.

tumblr_nkrib4Ghim1tcu92do1_540 tumblr_nkrib4Ghim1tcu92do2_540

Cher: Would you call me selfish?

Dionne: No, not to your face.

giphy (33) giphy (35)


Next week’s film is another of my Aussie favourites!

– Gabi


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