Birthday Book Haul – Action Adventure.

Adventure (n.): an exciting or very unusual experience.

Action (n.):  something done or performed.

Part 1 of my Birthday Book Haul is all about the action/adventure books I received as 21st birthday presents. For the next couple weeks I’ll be going through the different genres and talking a little about each book I got. It won’t be reviews or anything because I haven’t read most of them. Rather it will a quick blurb, my thoughts on each, and what I’m expecting from them.

The titles will be linked to the GoodReads page, and the picture will be linked to somewhere you can buy a copy yourself (as usual).


 Rainbow Six – Tom Clancy.

I got this one from my dad. It’s actually his copy because he wanted me to have a hard cover, but he couldn’t find a new one.


It’s the second book in Clancy’s John Clark series, which follow John Clark an ex-Nay SEAL. This book sees him as the head of an international anti-terrorist task force. The team is confronted with a violent chain of international incidents which hint at something much bigger; a threat which could end life on Earth as we know it.

It sounds like a great read, and I can’t wait to get around to it. My dad and I have pretty similar tastes in action, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.


Coup D’état – Ben Coes.

 I got this book from a work friend. I’ve never heard of it, but it’s the second in the Dewey Andreas series. GoodReads doesn’t have much of a blurb about it, but summarises it thusly.

Dewey Andreas is forced from rural Australia by trained assassins. A radical cleric elected president of Pakistan sets off a rapidly escalating conflict with India, who is days from a nuclear response. The U.S. President sends in his best people, including Jessica Tanzer, to restore peace. Tanzer needs Andreas to lead a coup – if he can get out of Australia alive.


It sounds good. Not sure if I should check out the first book in the series before I read it though. I probably should. I’m sure it’d make more sense if I did.


Seven Ancient WondersThe Six Sacred StonesThe Five Greatest Warriors – Matthew Reilly.

My older sister got me these three – the Jack West Jr trilogy. I read my dad’s copy of the first book last year, but never got around to the next two. I really loved it. It was fast paced action; sort of like watching an action movie in your head. I am really excited to read the next two!


‘Seven Ancient Wonders’ is about Jack and his crew searching for the Seven Ancient Wonders of the world to help fulfil a prophecy, and save the world. There are dramatic fight scenes, races through ancient cities filled with booby traps, and a fight for the power to end the world.


‘The Six Sacred Stones’ follows the team as they attempt to rebuild a legendary device, known as ‘the machine’, which will stop world annihilation. The only clues to locating the machine are held in the Fabled Six Stones, which are scattered around the globe. Naturally, they aren’t the only ones after the stones.


‘The Five Greatest Warriors’ follows on from the previous book, with the team scattered and the race to find ‘the machine’ coming to a head. Jack learns of the individuals who, throughout history, have been intimately connected to his quest, but not before he and his friends find out exactly what the end of the world looks like.


Warlord – James Steel.

 The same work friend who got me ‘Coup D’état’, also got me this one. Again, I’ve never heard of it. But it looks pretty intense.


It follows former cavalry major, turned mercenary, Alex Deverux, as he battles the dominant militia in the Congo. China intends to take over the region where rival militias are fighting over mineral resources. In order to do his job Alex must negotiate around the United Nations, the Congolese army, and the clash of superpower claims on the region. Can he succeed in bringing stability to the region, when everyone else has failed?


Next Sunday I’ll be looking at the children’s books I was given. And trust me, there were a few!

– Gabi


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