It’s Party Time! (or it was…)

Last night my family and friends helped me to celebrate my 21st birthday. It as an amazing night, and I can’t thank everyone enough for joining us. It was really great to see everyone, and thankfully I managed to chat to everyone at least a little.


My family and I got all dressed up for the occasion. I even tried to curl my hair; though it turned out more wavy than curly.  Thankfully it appeared to turn out okay in the photos!


My cake was gorgeous! It’s an open book to the theme of ‘Beauty and the Beast’. I was so happy with it, and it tasted yummy. Flavoured marble cake. It was nearly all eaten; thankfully. I was a bit worried we’d have heaps left, but we only really had chicken and fried rice left over from dinner, and those are good leftovers to have.


My mini polaroid camera was put to great use. My guest book, full of messages, is also full of pictures from the night. I think it’s pretty awesome, and a great way to remember the night.


Most people got me their favourite book as a present, and I have just barely fit them on my one free shelf. I was actually a bit worried they wouldn’t fit. Of all the books I only had one double up, and they were two different versions. Also, I’ve only read 8 of them.

I’ve got a lot of reading ahead of me! How exciting!

– Gabi


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