The Book Rainbow – Black and White.


DSCN0255This week is the last instalment of my ‘Book Rainbow‘, and that means black and white book spines. I know they aren’t technically ‘colours’, but I have plenty of books with black and white covers, so I’m including them. So sue me.

Let’s get the ball rolling. Here are my picks for black and white books!

(Warning: one of the book’s has some quite confronting themes, which I will briefly discuss)


Heist Society – Ally Carter. Easy. ★★★★☆

DSCN0284This book kicks off the ‘Heist Society’ series with a veritable bang. It’s about Kat Bishop, the daughter of a high class thief. Having tried to get out of the criminal life, Kat finds herself pulled back in by her old friend, W.W.Hale (or just Hale).

Hale is completely swoon worthy. He’s charming, funny, and has a loyal butler (just like Batman). Kat’s the reason Hale is in the thieving business. And he does a pretty horrible job at concealing his feelings for her; though naturally she is pretty oblivious. Their chemistry is great, particularly when it comes to their banter. And I love how the others refer to them as mum and dad.

The other characters in their little crew are just as lovable, and include Kat’s cousin, Gabrielle. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading many (read: any) books where there is a character with the same name as me. I just wish we were similar in more ways.

“It is an occupational hazard that anyone who has spent her life learning how to lie eventually becomes bad at telling the truth.”

Prince of the Icemark – Stuart Hill. Easy. ★★★☆☆

DSCN0279This book is a prequel story to a favourite of mine, ‘The Cry of the Icemark‘. It’s about Thirrin’s father, and how he became King of the Icemark. It focuses on the, later famous, war with The-Land-Of-The-Ghosts. That means fighting against werewolves, vampires and zombies.

This book offers a lot of background information about the Icemark and its culture, which we don’t get to see a whole lot of in the other books. This includes the idea of going Bare-Sark in a battle. We also get to learn a lot more about Thirrin’s mother, which is really nice because she’s previously been a bit of a mystery.

“‘NO!’ Redrought roared again, and now at last he felt the Spirits of Battle surging over his body. He could hear their raging voices and sense their ferocity as suddenly they invaded his brain and filled him with a strength and a fighting fury that made him froth at the mouth. His own warriors drew back as they watched their young King go Bare-Sark.”

What Happens Next – Colleen Clayton. Medium. ★★★★★

DSCN0273The moment I started reading this book, I fell in love. I mean, it punched me pretty hard in the gut (and the feels), but I loved every second of it. I even put that in my review on GoodReads, and the author liked it!!!

Anyway. It’s about Cassidy ‘Sid’ Murphy. It starts on a school ski trip, where she meets local college boy, Dax Windsor. But this is where things begin to spiral out of control; Dax takes something from her.

For someone who doesn’t usually read books that are sort of psychological, it was incredibly confronting (though thankfully not graphic). Clayton is great at hinting at details without having to directly spell it out and paint a picture. She’s sensitive about the themes within the book (which include rape and eating disorders).

Corey and Sid’s relationship seems so genuine and lovely. I mean Corey is just amazing, and I would love to find a guy like that. Not that their relationship is easy; thank God it’s not. No, it’s realistic, just as every other aspect of this story. Like I said. It kicked me real hard in the feels.

“You’re beautiful, Sid,’ he says, pushing my hair out of my face. ‘And I never said it at first because it seemed so obvious to me, so easy. I didn’t say it because I never wanted you to think the things I say to you are just things. Empty compliments to get in your pants. I wanted the things I say to you to be extraordinary, because that’s what you are to me. Extraordinary.”

The Magician’s Apprentice – Trudi Canavan. Medium. ★★★★★

DSCN0266A particular favourite of mine, this book is a prequel to ‘The Black Magician’ trilogy. It’s about Tessia, who finds out that she has magic. A lot of things are different in the world then they are in the other books because it’s set quite a time in the past. The magicians of Kyralia must prepare to defend their country from magical invaders. This leads to them discovering many magical methods and techniques, the biggest of which is healing.

Tessia, as a healers daughter and assistant, is the one who discovers and begins developing magical healing. She is one of only a few female magicians and apprentices in the country, so she faces many challenges. Jayan is certainly one of those challenges, but I love the development of their relationship. And the moment where they realise they both love each other. But you’ll have to read it to find out how that goes.

“When Tessia and Jayan were served a large, fat rassook each, Jayan had smugly commented that Tessia certainly had a way with villagers and he would not be surprised if she could charm pickpockets into putting money into her wallet.”

Breathe, Annie, Breathe – Miranda Kenneally. Medium. ★★★★★

DSCN0260As I mentioned last week, this book is the latest in the Hundred Oaks series (and makes it so I’ve included all the books in my Book Rainbow!). It’s about Annie, a recent high school graduate, who hates running. She’s reeling after the accidental death of her ex-boyfriend, Kyle, who she believes would still be alive if she hadn’t broken up with him.

She spends the book training for a marathon Kyle had intended to race, as a way to honour his memory. It’s through this training that she meets the super athlete Jeremiah, and becomes at war with her mind and her heart.


Spoiler: they do end up together. And they are super duper adorable. And Kate and Matt are in it again (from ‘Things I Can’t Forget‘), which I love. I own the hard cover which is white. The dust jacket, pictured above, is blue. Both are very pretty!

“As a kid, I had the worst mile time ever. Our gym teacher made us run the mile a few times a year for something called the Presidential Fitness Test. I’d huff and puff and wonder why the hell President Bush cared how fast I could run laps around the playground. I always came in dead last.”


I’m actually a little sad this challenge is over. It’s been really fun just talking about books, not just books that I love unconditionally. I’m also quite proud that I got through it. I thought I might forget about my posts, or slack off as I got further along, but I think I actually started to write more for each book as I went along.

Maybe I’ll revisit this some time; with different books obviously! What do you guys think? Would you be interested in seeing more Books in my Rainbow?

Let me know! I’m now going to spend the week thinking about which book challenge to start next.

– Gabi


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