She’s the Man (2006).

For this week’s Film Friday (for my ‘Endless List of Movies I Love‘), I bring you a light-hearted comedy.

Again, beware, as there be spoilers ahead!

tumblr_ngk95m5ooe1u5ibjdo1_1280She’s the Man (2006). As with last week (with 10 Things I Hate About You), this film is a modern adaptation of William Shakespeare‘s play ‘Twelfth Night‘. It’s set in the fictional boarding school of Illyria, which is consequently in the United States.

It stars Amanda Bynes as Viola Hastings, Channing Tatum as Duke Orsino, Laura Ramsey as Olivia Lennox, James Kirk as Sebastian Hastings, and Vinnie Jones as Coach Dinklage.

The story follows Viola (Bynes) after the girl’s soccer team at her school, Cornwall, gets cut. The boy’s coach refuses to let the girl’s try out for his team. After her twin brother, Sebastian, leaves for London to play music, Viola takes the chance to take his place at his new school. She uses the circumstances to join Illyria’s soccer team which plays Cornwall in an opening game. She wants to prove that she’s good enough to beat them, and in particular her ex-boyfriend, Justin Drayton (Robert Hoffman).


Hilarity ensues as Viola falls for her roommate Duke, who thinks she’s a guy and who has the hots for Olivia, who is crushing on Sebastian, who is really his twin sister. It leads to some seriously awkward moments, which breed some awesome quotable lines of dialogue.

This movie is honestly one of the funniest I’ve ever watched! It has me crying with laughter every time I watch it.


It’s a very accurate adaptation, which is sort of surprising considering the story line. I really love how they’ve modernised it without compromising too much. I particularly love how they’ve used most of the place and character names, even though some might seem a bit odd or old fashioned, and still worked others in.


For example, in the play Olivia has a manservant named Malvolio who is in love with her. In the movie, the character Malcolm is based on him, but he has a pet tarantula named Malvolio.


Andrew: [to Viola] Freshman dorm’s thataway, twiglet.

Toby: Seriously, how old are you?

Viola: I skipped a couple of grades. I’m brilliant, shh! Anyway, you know when our soccer try-outs start?

Duke: Noon. You play?

Viola: Absolutely. Centre-forward. You know it, bra. So, uh, you play the beautiful sport, bro? Brothers? Brethren?


Viola as Sebastian: [during soccer tryouts] Pardon me, sir. I have to be a shirt.

Coach Dinklage: What?

Viola: I’m allergic to the sun.


Toby: I need your advice man. I got lady troubles.

Viola as Sebastian: I’m here for you bro. I got a lifetime of knowledge.


Toby: How come when I wanted to ask Eunice out everyone made fun of me, but then Sebastian likes her and suddenly she’s cool? Screw you guys. I hate high school.


Duke: [after being left with Eunice in Cesario’s] So, uh, do you… like cheese?

Eunice: More than almost any other animal by-product.



Hint about next week’s film: it’s an Aussie classic based on a true story!

– Gabi


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