See You Later, 2014!

I know what you’re thinking: ‘Not another person rambling about their past year’. But this is my blog, so I can talk about whatever I want. That’s the beauty of it. And I actually really feel like talking about highlights from this past year.

Right now I’m watching the 9PM Sydney fireworks on TV. I was way too exhausted to go out like I’d planned, because I went bushwalking today. I hurt.

Anyway, let’s start when 2014 bloomed in all it’s glory!

Summer 2014 – January and February.

This year started off with my sister, Erin, and myself going to Melbourne for a holiday. We got to see some of our family and also stayed with some friends. We saw the opening night of Grease at Her Majesty’s Theatre. It was a great time, and I’m really excited because next week our friends are coming up to Sydney to see us!


I also got my hair chopped off!


Autumn 2014 – March through May.

I turned 20! We went out with a bunch of people from work because it was Erin’s birthday a couple days after mine. Some of my Uni friends came too. I remember I tripped out of my seat and head butted my friends chest when I went to hug him in greeting.


The heart shaped schnitzel I had at the pub for my birthday celebration!

My third and final year of University also started, and that session was the hardest and most stressful of them all. But I actually feel accomplished having gotten through it all, and with good marks too!


I made a blanket!

I got back into knitting, went to two engagement parties in two days, walked the Colour Run – the Happiest 5K on Earth – and went to my first dress up party of the year. Oh and I successfully paralleled my car at Uni. By myself. On the first try!


Erin and myself before the Colour Run.


Greek Goddess Artemis and a seriously old wizard…

Winter 2014 – June through August.

During Winter break from Uni was great, I’d been waiting for it for so long, and I literally spent a month and a half doing as little as possible.

Though I did get to go to SupaNova for the first time, and it was awesome. To be honest, it was that trip that sparked my obsession with buying fandom tshirts this year. I really can’t wait to go again!


Waiting for the doors to open at SupaNova.

Now, I love Winter. I love getting to rug up and curl up on the lounge reading or watching a movie. That’s basically what my time off over Winter was. I bought a new jacket from Katmandu which was black with fluffiness all on the inside (even down the arms) and it just made Winter that much better.

I also started my last ever session of my Communications and Media degree!

Spring 2014 – September through November.

I applied to graduate. It was terrifying. Especially seeing as I wasn’t done with the final session yet. Spring session was so much better than Autumn. It was more relaxed, even though I was a bit worried about my final marks. I did some really good subjects, and really basked in the knowledge that it was the last three subjects I would ever study.


Selfie in front of the TARDIS at Oz Comic Con.


We saw Jason Momoa at Oz Comic Con!

I mean, I got to go to Oz Comic Con for a University assignment (video below), and play video games! It was great! I also realised that I’ve learnt a lot more from my degree than people would think, and that it will help me in life after Uni. I’ve realised that, while having to be an adult full time is hard, I’m ready for this new phase of my life.

Oh, I also followed my sister around IMATs, and helped her carry her bags. My mum, sister and I went to a family friend’s baby shower, where we gave them our favourite childhood books. October 31st was my last day of Uni classes, and a week later I went to a belated Halloween party as Minnie Mouse.



Summer 2014 – December.

I started my first blogging challenge for BlogMas, and told myself I would get more into blogging properly. I went to my work Christmas Party, which involved a lolly bar, got some cute gifts from some kids I teach, successfully bought Taylor Swift tickets for November next year, and oh, I graduated University.


I’ve actually been enjoying Summer so far. It hasn’t been too hot or humid. Christmas was pretty good, and I got some bargains from online Boxing Days sales. I had a great day at the beach yesterday, and during the bushwalk today. Maybe I’ll get my tan back. Yeah, right.

So here’s to an even better 2015! I wish you all a really happy New Year!!!

– Gabi


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