The Book Rainbow – Yellow and Orange.


Today I’m starting a new book challenge that one of my friends, Louise, did a few months ago (she explains it here). The Book Rainbow. IDSCN0240 - Copy’ve picked five books for each of the nine colours (with black and white to round it off). I’ll write a quick review of each book, rate it, and also nominate a general reading level.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find five books for yellow and orange, instead I put them together. So here are my five picks for yellow and orange. I hope you enjoy!


‘Blade of Fire’ – Stuart Hill. – Easy. ★★★★☆

DSCN0428This is the second book in the Icemark Chronicles. I talked about the first book a couple months ago. It’s set quite a time after the first book. Thirrin has teenaged children, and the story mostly follows the youngest, Charlemagne. He’s a great character who grows a lot throughout the story.

The Icemark face war once again, and this time they must look further outward for new allies. It’s a great medieval adventure, full of wonder and magic!

I highly recommend it if you’ve read and enjoyed ‘The Cry of the Icemark‘.

“A conflagration always made such a nice backdrop to a battle. Fire made everything so much more joyously apocalyptic.”

‘Ranger’s Apprentice: The Siege of Macindaw’ – John Flanagan. – Easy. ★★★★★

DSCN0432The sixth book in the Ranger’s Apprentice series, this is actually one of my favourites (which is difficult seeing as I love all of the books.)

It’s the first book where Will is a fully fledged Ranger, out on his own. He has his own fief and missions to carry out. There are many great battle scenes, which Flanagan does so well. It also fleshes out his relationship with Alyss.

Bonus, it’s by an Australian author!

“‘I don’t snore’, Horace said, with dignity. Will raised his eyebrows. ‘Is that so?’ he said. ‘Then in that case, you’d better chase out that colony of walruses who are in the tent with you…of course you snore.'”

‘The Recruit’ – Robert Muchamore. – Easy. ★★★☆☆

DSCN0436The beginning to the long CHERUB spy kid series, this book is fast paced and easy to read. The characters are pretty realistic, if not some what annoying at times. Probably more suited to a young teen audience.

The story is pretty original, and not as unbelievable as these sorts of stories so often can be.

“I’d like to have a business card saying: Bruce Norris kicked your arse.”

‘Lola and the Boy Next Door’ – Stephanie Perkins. – Medium. ★★★★☆

DSCN0441This book follows ‘Anna and the French Kiss‘, and has cross over characters, which I love. Lola is a quirky character, and so is Cricket; who is such a sweet guy. I read this one before I read Anna’s story, but it didn’t impact on that experience at all.

It’s a sweet romance novel, which is full of twists and turns and no clear way to happiness. The relationships, both romantic and unromantic, are quite realistic.

“‘You don’t think I’m perfect?’ ‘No. You’re delightfully screwy, and I wouldn’t have you any other way.’”

‘Pride and Prejudice’ – Jane Austen. – Hard. ★★★★☆

DSCN0445An absolute classic, I finally got around to reading this after the ‘Lizzie Bennet Diaries‘ finished back in March 2013. I bought this hard cover copy about two weeks ago (the camera made funny ripples come up on the cover). If you know the general story, the book is very easy to follow and understand. But it’s a bit harder if you’ve never seen the story before.

Elizabeth is a great character, who is unique for her time. She wants happiness and love, and she’s willing to pass up financial stability if it doesn’t come with these two things. Darcy is also a brilliant character, who has made millions of 21st century women fall in love with him. *swoon*

I highly recommend it if you’re into classic books and romance novels. It’s a real insight into how romance and relationships worked in the early 19th century.

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”


Stay tuned next Sunday for books in the colour Red!

– Gabi


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