Day 23 – Movies With Christmas Cameos.


Two more sleeps everyone! Which means you may want to binge on vaguely Christmas related movies. Or not. I’ll be sharing some of my favourites (or the first ones that came to mind) regardless.

So in alphabetical order, here you go!

The Blind Side (2009):

I love this movie. It’s based on a true story, and has a great Christmas scene with the Tuohy family.




Die Hard (1988):

Set around Christmas time, this movie has so many related quirks it’s incredible! Also the movie takes place during a Christmas party which is interrupted by German terrorist, Hans Gruber.



Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001):

Basically all the Harry Potter movies have great Christmas scenes, but this is the first and therefore the best! I particularly love the fact that it’s the first real Christmas Harry has ever had, and how he’s so surprised to get presents. And I really want a Weasley jumper!

tumblr_mxar4q2ORf1sgc7xao3_500 tumblr_mxar4q2ORf1sgc7xao2_500 tumblr_mxar4q2ORf1sgc7xao1_500

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (2005):

A magical place where it is always Winter, but never Christmas. That is until the Pevensies come to town! The entire ‘Meet Father Christmas’ sequence is brilliant.

the-chronicles-of-narnia-the-lion-the-witch-the-wardrobe-the-chronicles-of-narnia-26558200-1920-816 chronicles-of-narnia-the-lion-the-witch-and-the-wardrobe-father-christmasFather_christmas_lucy_cordial

Mean Girls (2004):

How could you go past the classic Winter Talent Show and Santa giving out candy canes?




Miracle (2004):

Another movie based on a true story, also sports related, I love the Christmas scene! All the hockey players crowd into their coach’s house, give out mock gifts, play snow football and the goalie dresses up as Santa. (unfortunately I couldn’t find a GIF of that)


tumblr_mpjuzno89Y1qcvvubo3_500 tumblr_mpjuzno89Y1qcvvubo4_500

Rise of the Guardians (2012):

Basically I just wanted a chance to share this movie’s awesome rendition of Santa! I love everything about him.



I hope you liked this list, and I’ll be back tomorrow to chat about Christmas traditions!

– Gabi




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