Day 14 – A Christmas Memory.


Today, on the fourteenth day of BlogMas, I am sharing with you a Christmas memory.

The first one that came to mind has to do with my grandparents old house. We used to go there during the evening on Christmas Day when we were kids. We would eat dinner (which for me always included beetroot and pineapple with meat on a bun) then go for a walk to see all the Christmas lights. In their area there were quite a few streets where every house had lights; and that’s not all that common in Australia.

But there was this one house which I think I will remember for the rest of my life. It was owned by one of the teachers at the high school my siblings and I went to. He spent a lot of time and money on the display as a tribute to his own father who had cancer. He used to collect donations which he then gave to cancer research; you’d get a lollypop in return.

The lights themselves were incredible. The house was pretty large with lots of garden beds. There were lights in the trees and bushes. A hot air balloon with Minnie and Mickey Mouse riding in it strung between trees. There were lights which looked like eyes peering out of the bushes, and lights shaped like fruit.

There was always a decent crowd outside that house, and I just remember being so awestruck at the scale of it all. It was sort of a tradition for a while there, but then my grandparents moved and we don’t really go back there anymore.

– Gabi



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