Day 10 – The Year I Got A PSP For Christmas.


The tenth day of BlogMas entails be talking about the best Christmas gift you ever received. I’ve been given many amazing gifts in my lifetime, I’m extremely grateful for all of them, but I have a really great story about one specific gift.

The Christmas of 2005, when I was 11, my older brother and I had asked for a PSP. We were quite excited to get one, and completely prepared to share it (if you know us then you’d be pretty surprised at that). On Christmas morning our mum directed us to a small rectangle present which was addressed to the pair of us. I remember being so incredibly excited that I felt I could burst. My brother was the same. Ripping open the paper and seeing the box with the image of the PSP on it was so satisfying that we continuously thanked our parents for a couple minutes while trying to get the box open.

Except my parents are sneaky (and no they didn’t trick us with a decoy box or anything). After we’d settled a bit, examining the box, Mum called out and pointed to another, larger present; also addressed to the pair of us. In that moment I wasn’t so much excited as confused, but Mum encouraged me to open the present. It was a shoe box. But inside the shoe box was another PSP.

They’d actually gone and bought us both our own PSPs!

We were both so happy and excited, because now we wouldn’t have to share, which would have undoubtedly turned into us fighting with each other (to this day I think that was a large deciding factor for my parents). But the thing was we were so prepared to have to go through that to get a PSP. We wanted one so bad that we were willing to try to get along, and to create a schedule where we both got time to play it, but in the end we didn’t have to.

I remember hugging both of my parents a lot after that, and being so shocked and excited. I kept the PSP which came in the shoe box (it turned out to be a great place to keep all the bits and pieces which came with it), and was in awe of the little machine in my hands. I wiped fingerprints and smudges from the screen and buttons constantly that day, wanting to keep it in its original condition. My brother and I spent a lot of time figuring out the console together, and later even played games where you could connect with other consoles (such as Tekken: Dark Resurrection).

To me it is the fact that it was such a big surprise that makes it the best present. It has nothing to do with how much it cost, or anything like that. My parents surprised the both of us by getting us a PSP, then made it even more surprising by getting us one each. It’s a present I’ve loved for so long. I still use it to this day, so I’ve certainly gotten it’s worth out of it.

What is the best present you’ve ever been given for Christmas? Also, tomorrow is all about my favourite thing about where I live at Christmas.

– Gabi



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