Day 6 – Mmmmm Food.


On the sixth day of BlogMas I’m talking about my favourite thing about Christmas. While I love a lot of things about Christmas, it mostly comes down to giving people presents and the food. Man, the food.

It’s pretty much a socially accepted time to overeat. On Christmas day we stuff ourselves with lunch and then spend the afternoon in a food stupor on the lounge. And it’s just the best thing ever. Ham, turkey, chicken, lettuce, beetroot, bread, pavlova, rocky road. The list really goes on and on.

I am incredibly thankful and appreciative of the fact that my Christmas can include all of those things, and that all the people I love have more than enough food to eat and enjoy over the holidays.

I also love giving people (read: my family) presents. I love surprising them, and I try to do that every year. I try not to ask them what they want, rather pay attention throughout the year as to what they say they want. It’s such a great feeling watching as they open the present and realise what you got them. Hopefully they don’t already have it, and really did want it; that’s the tricky bit, but also what makes it all so amazing.

It shows that you put thought into the present, and that you pay attention. I pay lots of attention. It also shows that you can keep a secret. My sister has asked me a couple times what I got her, but I haven’t even hinted at what I got, because I want it to be a surprise!

What do you love most about Christmas? Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a holiday make-up look. See you then!

– Gabi



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