Day 4 – Sequinned Christmas Tree Ornaments.

blogmasOn day four of BlogMas I am showing you how to create a unique christmas craft: a sequinned Christmas tree ornament! My sister and I have made plenty of these over the years. They’re easy and fun to make, and great because you can customise them however you want!

IMG_0222What you need:

  • Sequins
  • Pins (I got sequin pins, but regular dress pins are fine)
  • Foam balls
  • Ribbon



What To Do:

1) Cut a length of ribbon so that it is long enough to wrap around a ball, with a loop big enough to fit on the branch of your Christmas tree. (For a 65mm ball I cut the ribbon to about 35cm, and had a bit of extra overlapping ribbon.)


2) Pin the ribbon onto the ball, starting with either side of the loop, and then where the ends of the ribbon overlap.


3) Cover the rest of the ball with sequins!


4) Hang on a tree and appreciate how beautiful it looks.


Anyone tried this before? If you end up trying it let me know! Also stay tuned tomorrow for a post about books I revisit during the holidays!

– Gabi



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