Day 3 – Top 3 Favourite Christmas Movies.


Today is about my favourite Christmas movies. Apparently I don’t watch many Christmas movies because I had trouble coming up with more than two. Anyway, here we go.

3) The Santa Clause.

The_Santa_ClauseIn third place is Disney’s ‘The Santa Clause’, which was released in 1994. Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) accidentally becomes Santa Claus after the previous Santa falls off his roof on Christmas Eve and Scott tries on his coat.

It is by no means one of my all time favourite movies, but I’ve found that I watch it just about every Christmas. This came about during one family summer holiday when we were kids, my dad was sick and the movie was on TV constantly. He saw it so many times that it sort of became a Christmas tradition to watch it when it comes on TV.

tumblr_lvp6iuCUks1qiz3j8o3_r1_250 tumblr_lvp6iuCUks1qiz3j8o4_r1_250

As a Christmas movie is qualifies easily as it is entirely about Christmas. It has many magical qualities to it, is quite amusing, and is just a really easy movie to watch. Though it was followed by two not so great sequels.


2) Love Actually.

Love_Actually_movieThis is in second place because it’s not quite as much about ‘Christmas’ as the movie in first place. However, ‘Love Actually’ is one of my favourite movies of all time. Released in 2003, it follows the lives of a number of different people during the lead up to Christmas.

The stories are all interwoven which I love, and they’re quite realistic. Not everyone gets a happily ever after, and some of the stories are quite unconventional (I’m looking at you, John and Judy). It’s not only about romantic love, but about familial love and friendship.




The cast is also incredible. It includes Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Liam Neeson, Bill Nighy, Colin Firth, Martin Freeman, Keira Knightley, Hugh Grant, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, and a cameo by Rowan Atkinson.

tumblr_nbv2zwNA5t1r1ouklo1_250giphy (1)

‘Love Actually’ is my family’s Christmas movie, and we all sit down together and watch at it least once before Christmas. It’s an incredibly quotable movie. In my family it’s one we all quote constantly. Here’s bit of the beginning of the movie, which introduces the amazing character of Billy Mack played by Bill Nighy. Warning: it contains a tad bit of unfavourable language.

1) Arthur Christmas.

Arthur_Christmas_PosterFirst place is taken by the more recent movie, ‘Arthur Christmas’, which was released in 2011. It’s about Santa’s clumsy son Arthur who goes on a mission with his grandfather, to get a present to a little girl who was missed in the Christmas delivery rush. It’s a whirlwind adventure which takes them all around the world, and which shows everyone just how special Arthur is.

Arthur-Christmas-gif     Arthur is voiced by James McAvoy. He’s a great character, who is so enthusiastic about everything, and has the best dorky laugh.



Santa is voiced by Jim Broadbent (perhaps better known as Professor Slughorn in Harry Potter), and Arthur’s older brother, Steve, is voiced by Hugh Laurie. Funnily enough Bill Nighy is in this one too! He voices Grandsanta, who is trying to re-live the glory days when he was Santa.


So there you have it, my top three favourite Christmas movies. What are you favourite Christmas movies? Let me know, and I’ll see you tomorrow with a unique Christmas craft!

– Gabi



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