Day 1 – Last Christmas.


On the first day of BlogMas I’m recalling last year. Yep. Tell us what you did last Christmas. Sounds a teeny bit creepy, but I’ll just move past that.

Christmas 2013.

It started with three different Christmas parties. I know, party animal, right? Well two were for work, and one was with some of my University friends (it was a pyjama party). They were all great fun, and basically just people hanging out and eating and drinking. I met a number of people at the pj party who I have become good friends with over this year.


A selfie I took before my work Christmas party last year. Back when I had really long hair and my fringe was doing the thing!

Christmas Eve my family and I went and saw my dad’s family during the evening; like we do every year. We have a pretty small family so it’s quite easy to fit everyone in. We watched the Carols in the Domain, ate cake and chocolate, and swapped presents. I mostly just remember being really tired.

Christmas Day our little family of five spent the morning opening presents and eating a nice big breakfast. It’s always really great watching people open the presents you got for them, particularly if it’s a surprise. There was a bit of a theme with some of the presents I was given :3


Game of Thrones related presents I got from my amazing family. Clockwise from top left: 2014 calendar, Winter is Coming tshirt, House Names tshirt, Season 1 and 2 on DVD.

Around lunchtime we saw my mum’s family; also like we do every year. We ate cold meat, buns, beetroot, and pavlova. All the good stuff. Naturally this led to lounging around sleepily afterwards until mum decided it was time to go home.

The night was spent with our chosen family; again like every year. We were too full to eat dinner so we snacked while sitting around outside, fighting off mosquitoes. There was an air of content as we chatted and laughed and reminisced about the previous year. And about how we were glad the craziness of the holidays was over.

All round it was a pretty good Christmas. Nothing particularly exciting or extraordinary, but still something to be incredibly thankful for.

Hope you liked my first post for BlogMas, and I’ll see you all tomorrow with a recipe!

– Gabi



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