A Christmas Blogging Challenge.

Greetings all!

So, it’s nearly December, and a friend of mine posted yesterday about a blogging challenge she is undertaking all of next month. It’s called Blogmas.


I’ve decided to join in as it sounds fun and would be a great way to add posts to my blog. It means I’ll be trying to post every single day from tomorrow until Christmas!

There are prompts for each day. If you want to join us (which you totally should), you don’t have to follow them if you don’t want. They’re more like guidelines really. Don’t forget to tag your posts, on whatever platform you use, with #blogmas2k14. Also Louise provided the banner and footer used.

The prompts are as follows:

1st – Tell us what you did last Christmas

2nd – Share a Christmas recipe

3rd – Favourite Christmas movies

4th – Share a Christmas craft

5th – What are your favourite books to revisit during the holidays?

6th – What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

7th – Share a holiday makeup look

8th – Favourite Christmas food

9th – Share a Christmas recipe

10th – The best Christmas gift you ever received

11th – What is your favourite thing about where you live at Christmas time?

12th – Christmas nail art tutorial

13th – Favourite Christmas TV episodes

14th – Share a favourite Christmas memory

15th – Share some Christmas outfits

16th – Favourite Christmas music

17th – Share your day with us

18th – What’s the gift wrapping looking like this year?

19th – DIY Christmas ornament

20th – A Christmas day makeup look

21st – Favourite Christmas photos

22nd – What does the festive season mean to you?

23rd – Favourite Christmas scenes from movies/TV that aren’t Christmas specific.

24th – Let’s talk traditions – what are your favourites and which cultural traditions do you wish you did?

25th – Describe your Christmas day to us


So I’ll see you all tomorrow with my first BlogMas post for 2014!

– Gabi


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