NCIS (TV Show).

Yes, yes, a crime show, so very cliché. But NCIS has been one of my favourite television shows for a seriously long time. I love everything about it.I  am re-watching Season 2 as I type, so it’s what I’m going to gush about in this post.

Unfortunately there are just too many things I love about NCIS, so I’ll keep it to the top five categories and summarise them. I’m thinking that later I might do separate and more specific posts for each category. (Ohhh top five of each!)

So here goes:

1)      The Characters:

I love each and every main character this show has served up over the seasons, but each one for separate reasons. Abbey is probably my favourite character; she’s funny, sweet, incredibly smart, quirky, and has a killer sense of fashion.


But as I say that I also think about how much I love the characters of Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee, Bishop, Ducky and Jimmy (and even though they’re no longer on the show, Kate and Ziva). They each have very distinctive personalities and stories. Their backgrounds are explored and we’re let into their lives outside of work.

Really it’s not a show about solving crimes, it’s a story about the people who solve the crimes (I’m so damn profound).


2)      The Storylines:

Over 11 seasons they have kept my interest through intriguing and different storylines (read: crimes). They haven’t redone the same thing season after season. They’ve changed with the times, keeping everything fairly current (aside from Gibbs’ hatred of most technology).

Considering there are so many crime shows in existence keeping the content original and engaging is one of the most important things for the creators to do. And I honestly think they’ve done it.

Bring on Season 12!


3)      The Running Gags:


Gibbs’ rules, McGee’s nicknames, DiNozzo’s movie references, Ducky’s stories; the list goes on. But each of these ‘running gags’ is a part of the story and the characters. I can’t think of a time where they seemed forced or out of place. Whenever DiNozzo does an impression of a movie character, it seems so realistic (props to Michael Weatherley), and exactly like a real life movie aficionado would do it. Same goes for Ducky with his stories and everyone calling McGee a ‘Mc’ nickname, or something more appropriate like ‘Elflord’.

It’s these little things that make the show in my opinion. It creates a repertoire between characters, and makes them seem like actual people. They also often add in humour to contrast with the darkness and harsh reality of the crimes portrayed.


4)      The Cast Members:

I have so much love for the NCIS cast. They’re brilliant actors, and seem like really nice people. They have such great chemistry on set, and make the team seem like a family. For most of them, they’re been in the role for so long now that I don’t think I could ever see of them as another character.

I also love watching back and seeing actors who are more well known now in small supporting roles; such as Misha Collins (s4 ep3) and Zac Efron (s3 ep13).


5)      And lastly, The Spin-off’s:

Most recently the team worked with the New Orleans office (s11, ep18 and ep19), and I absolutely loved it. The New Orleans office was awesome, and I loved Agent Pride and Agent LaSalle. I know there’s probably plenty of people who are sick of spin-off’s, but NCIS was one. It was a spin-off from JAG. And I like to think it went pretty well.

I also like NCIS: Los Angeles, although not nearly as much as I love the original series. It’s a different show, and that’s that idea. But it’s just as clever, and the cast is just as awesome. So I am really excited for  NCIS: New Orleans, because I think it will be brilliant.


So thanks for reading this post which is basically me fangirling over NCIS. Be prepared for more posts like this about various things I love. Also I am totally open to suggestions for posts, so message me!

– Gabi


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