October Book Roundup.

This is a week late, like last month, but this time because I’ve been horribly sick. I mean, I still am, but my mind is more focused today and I figured I’d just get it over with.

Anyways. I got heaps read last month, and considering how November is going so far (1 graphic novel in 7 days), October was pretty amazing!



Treat Her Right – Serenity Woods. Easy. ★★★★☆

So I finally went back and continued the “Treats to Tempt You” series, because I felt like reading a romance. A really smutty romance. I really liked Maisey and Joss. They were fun, had hidden depths, and great chemistry.

“I don’t have a fever. Not from an infection, anyway. I’ve just realised I’m with the sexiest doctor in the whole of New Zealand, and I’m not wearing a shirt.”


A Rare Treat – Serenity Woods. Easy. ★★★★☆

This is the third book in the series. It amped up the emotion from the last book, and dealt with a whole host of new issues, which I liked. It kept things interesting. Elle and Stuart were great, in and out of the bedroom.

“I feel like Tom Hanks in Sleepless In Seattle. He didn’t even know what Tiramisu was and thought girls were going to expect him to do it to them.”


Trick of Treat – Serenity Woods. Easy. ★★★★☆

The fourth book in the series involves a ‘Marriage of Convenience’, which is a hilarious trope. It works pretty well in this story actually. Again, the chemistry between Caitlin and Fox. Oh, and their history. Very interesting!

“He was a fine specimen of a man. Shame he had the temperament of a mad possum.”


A Festive Treat – Serenity Woods. Easy. ★★★★☆

The fifth book in the “Treats to Tempt You” series. It’s possibly my favourite, because Owen and Skye are just awesome. And he has a Search and Rescue dog called Mozart! Also Tasha and Kole’s wedding!!

“He’s very well trained. We teach all our dogs to communicate telepathically.”


Treat With Caution – Serenity Woods. Easy. ★★★☆☆

After reading the rest of the series, I wanted to go back and read the first “Treats to Tempt You” book. I noticed more details this time around. All the future stories and relationships that were teased. I feel this is probably the raunchiest relationship. And I love Tasha and Kole together. It’s so fiery!

“Your smile. It’s like the transit of Venus – it doesn’t come around very often so you have to catch it when you can.”


The Darkest Part of the Forest – Holly Black. Easy. ★★★★☆

This was a great new dark and quirky twist of the forbidden forest trope and the fairytale genre. I enjoyed the story. The characters were realistic and likeable. As was the setting. The writing was good! Everything felt quite original, and the story had enough twists and surprises to keep me intrigued right through.

“In her mind, fighting the monster was like the boss battle in a video game. In her mind, if she’d faced it and won, all the other terrors would stop.”


Unrequited – Emma Grey. Easy. ★★★★☆

This started, well not slow, but it took me a little while to get into the story, and to get used to the writing and the characters. I quite liked the plot, the pacing, the character development, and the multi-point of view structure. I thought the depiction of fame and the music industry was interesting, and done well. I also loved how it was set in and around Sydney.

“Your dirty little secret is that you’re a closet Jane Austen fan?”


A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J. Maas. Easy. ★★★★☆.5

I know I only read this trilogy back in May, but I’ve been craving a re-read. So I bought the audio books, and here we are. I loved this just as much as the first time, if not more. Seriously though, Tamlin is sooo damn clingy. And, I know I didn’t really like him much the first time around, but he’s even more annoying now.

I still love Feyre, and I loved noticing more about Rhys.

“Be glad of your human heart, Feyre. Pity those who don’t feel anything at all.”


A Court of Mist and Fury – Sarah J. Maas. Easy. ★★★★★

So I think this is one of my all time favourite books! I love it so!!

I loved reading about Feyre, her recovery, the formation of her friendship with the Court of Dreams, her falling in love with Rhys, her realisation that she deserves better than what Tamlin was giving her. It was possibly even better the second time around!

“When you spend so long in the darkness, you find that the darkness begins to stare back.”


Who’s Afraid? – Maria Lewis. Medium. ★★★☆☆.5

This was our Spooktacular BOTM for “The Book Corner“. It took me a few chapters to get into the writing style, but once I did the story pulled me in, and was much more enjoyable. It dealt with some really intense issues, and had some graphic scenes. Our video review will be up shortly, and I’ll link it here then!

“With detective skills like that I should start calling you Bruce Wayne.”


Currently Reading:

Begin, End, Begin : A #LoveOzYA Anthology – Danielle Binks.


50 Events You Really Need To Know: History of War – Robin Cross.

I meant to get around to this, but I didn’t.

Nevernight – Jay Kristoff.

I restarted this. I meant to get it finished, but it just didn’t work out.


I’m hoping I can get to 80 books by the end of the year. I think I can. I’ve got 9 more books to go! Wish me luck!

– Gabi